Kokoda History Trek

The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award

Kokoda History Treks led by an expert Australian guide -  unforgettable 8-day experience from $3795.

Our Kokoda History Treks follow the footsteps of the brave as they fought one of the most desperate series of battles across the Owen Stanley Ranges from Kokoda to the doorstep of Port Moresby at Imita Ridge.

They are led by experienced Adventure Kokoda trek leaders with a detailed knowledge of the wartime history of the Kokoda campaign. They understand the Principles of War; the strategy of the Kokoda campaign; and the tactics of each battle which they will explain at each site.

The route follows the original 138 km wartime trail which is shorter than our 10-day Kokoda Premium Campaign Treks as it does not include the battle areas defended by the 53rd and 2/16th Australian Battalions on the eastern side of the Yodda Valley.

Our Kokoda History treks cover all the major battle sites at Imita Ridge, Ioribaiwa Ridge, Brigade Hill, Templeton's Crossing, Eora Creek, Isurava, Deniki and Kokoda where you will receive detailed historical presentations.

What's included

  • Meals
  • All transportation
  • All accommodation
  • All trek fees
  • Mosquito-proof tents

Dates & Availability for Kokoda History Trek

Status Price  
8 Sep - 17 Sep 2022
Owers Corner to Kokoda
Peter Davis Private group only Private group
25 Sep - 4 Oct 2022
Kokoda to Owers Corner
Reg Yates Taking Bookings $4,995 $4,595 $4,695 $3,795
3 Oct - 13 Oct 2022
Owers Corner to Kokoda
Private group only Private group
2 Nov - 11 Nov 2022
Kokoda to Owers Corner
Reg Yates Taking Bookings $5,095 $4,695 $4,795 $3,395
10 Mar - 19 Mar 2023
Owers Corner to Kokoda
Peter Morrison Taking Bookings $5,095 $4,695 $4,795 $3,895
17 Mar - 26 Mar 2023
Kokoda to Owers Corner
Craig Moffat Taking Bookings $5,095 $4,695 $4,795 $3,895
24 Mar - 2 Apr 2023
Kokoda to Owers Corner
Scott Babington Taking Bookings $5,095 $4,695 $4,795 $3,895
7 Apr - 16 Apr 2023
Kokoda to Owers Corner
Bernie Rowell Taking Bookings $5,095 $4,695 $4,795 $3,895
9 Apr - 18 Apr 2023
Kokoda to Owers Corner
Private group only Private group
15 Apr - 25 Apr 2023
Owers Corner to Kokoda
Scott Babington Taking Bookings $5,595 $5,295 $5,395 $4,495
16 Apr - 25 Apr 2023
Kokoda to Owers Corner
Peter Morrison Limited Places $5,095 $4,695 $4,795 $3,895
6 May - 15 May 2023
Kokoda to Owers Corner
Bernie Rowell Taking Bookings $5,095 $4,695 $4,795 $3,895
27 May - 5 Jun 2023
Owers Corner to Kokoda
Craig Moffat Taking Bookings $5,095 $4,695 $4,795 $3,895
10 Jun - 19 Jun 2023
Kokoda to Owers Corner
Peter Morrison Limited Places $5,095 $4,695 $4,795 $3,895
21 Jun - 30 Jun 2023
Kokoda to Owers Corner
Craig Moffat Taking Bookings $5,095 $4,695 $4,795 $3,895
26 Jun - 5 Jul 2023
Kokoda to Owers Corner
Bernie Rowell Taking Bookings $5,095 $4,695 $4,795 $3,895
28 Jun - 7 Jul 2023
Owers Corner to Kokoda
Peter Morrison Private group only Private group
30 Jun - 9 Jul 2023
Owers Corner to Kokoda
Scott Babington Taking Bookings $5,095 $4,695 $4,795 $3,895
7 Jul - 16 Jul 2023
Kokoda to Owers Corner
Bernie Rowell Limited Places $5,095 $4,695 $4,795 $3,895
12 Jul - 21 Jul 2023
Kokoda to Owers Corner
Craig Moffat Taking Bookings $5,095 $4,695 $4,795 $3,895
11 Aug - 20 Aug 2023
Kokoda to Owers Corner
Bernie Rowell Taking Bookings $5,095 $4,695 $4,795 $3,895
23 Aug - 1 Sep 2023
Kokoda to Owers Corner
Reg Yates Taking Bookings $5,095 $4,695 $4,795 $3,895
4 Sep - 13 Sep 2023
Kokoda to Owers Corner
Bernie Rowell Taking Bookings $5,095 $4,695 $4,795 $3,895
24 Sep - 3 Oct 2023
Kokoda to Owers Corner
Reg Yates Taking Bookings $5,095 $4,695 $4,795 $3,895
2 Oct - 11 Oct 2023
Kokoda to Owers Corner
Bernie Rowell Taking Bookings $5,095 $4,695 $4,795 $3,895
2 Nov - 11 Nov 2023
Kokoda to Owers Corner
Reg Yates Taking Bookings $5,095 $4,695 $4,795 $3,895
11 Nov - 20 Nov 2023
Owers Corner to Kokoda
Craig Moffat Taking Bookings $5,095 $4,695 $4,795 $3,895
15 Apr - 25 Apr 2024
Owers Corner to Kokoda
Taking Bookings $5,595 $5,295 $5,395 $4,495
16 Apr - 25 Apr 2024
Kokoda to Owers Corner
Taking Bookings $5,095 $4,695 $4,795 $3,895

FAQs about this trek

The average size of our groups in 2017 was 12 trekkers - groups are larger during school holiday periods.


The best time to trek Kokoda is during the 'dry' season from April through to October.  Trekkers can still trek comfortably during the wetter periods provided they are equipped with proper gear.

According to reports we receive we are the only operator to provide real fresh meals along the trail.

We have obviously trained our PNG guides to prepare, cook and serve meals and this has proved to be a most attractive option to trekkers.  Life is too short for ration packs!

Our menu includes breakfast cereals, tropical fruits, biscuits, jam-vegemite-nutella-peanut butter-cheese, pasta, noodles, rice, meat and vegetables with potato, tea/coffee/hot chocolate etc as standard fare.

We are able to provide for special diets as required.




Most of the emergency evacuations from the Kokoda Trail are caused by gastro problems which cause severe vomiting and diarrhoea leading to dehydration - the most likely source of this condition is contaminated food cooked and served by villagers.  This is why we carry ALL of our food with our trek groups.

The temperature on the Kokoda Trail is a constant 29 - 30 degrees Celsius during the day.

Humidity is very high however trekkers are protected from direct sunlight most of the time because they are under the jungle canopy.

Over the higher part of the Owen Stanley's the temperature can drop to 1 - 2 degrees Celsius during the night.

And it can rain in the 'dry' season and be quite dry in the 'wet' season - so always be prepared for rain!


The Kokoda Trail is a rugged and remote 130 kilometre jungle path across some of the most hazardous terrain most people will ever traverse. 

trekking Kokoda Trail

'Imagine an area of approximately one hundred miles long.  Crumple and fold this into a series of ridges, each rising higher and higher until seven thousand feet is reached, then declining in ridges to three thousand feet is reached, then declining in ridges to three thousand feet.  Cover this thickly with jungle, short trees and tall trees, tangled with great, entwining savage vines.  Through an oppression of this density, cut a little native track, two or three feet wide, up the ridges, over the spurs, round gorges and down across swiftly-flowing, happy mountain streams.  Where the track clambers up the mountain sides, cut steps - big steps, little steps, steep steps - or clear the soil from the tree roots.

'Every few miles, bring the track through a small patch of sunlit kunai grass, or an old deserted native garden, and every seven or ten miles, build a group of dilapidated grass huts - as staging shelters - generally set in a foul, offensive clearing.  Every now and then, leave beside the track dumps of discarded, putrifying food, occasional dead bodies and human foulings.  In the morning, flicker the sunlight through the tall trees, flutter green and blue and purple and white butterflies lazily through the air, and hide birds of deep-throated song, or harsh cockatoos, in the foliage.

'About midday, and through the night, pour water over the forest, so that the steps become broken, and a continual yellow stream flows downwards, and the few level areas become pools and puddles of putrid black mud.  In the high ridges above Myola, drip this water day and night over the track through a foetid forest grotesque with moss and glowing phosphosrescent fungi.  Such is the track which a prominent (Australian) politician publicly described as 'Being almost impassable for motor vehicles', and such is the route for ten days to be covered from Ilolo to Deniki.'

Major General Sir Kingsley Norris

The Kokoda Campaign - Chronology

Kokoda Trail Wall Map

Meet the Trek Leaders

Major Charlie Lynn OAM OL

In 2015 Charlie was inducted as an Officer of the Logohu by the Government of Papua New Guinea in their New Years Honours and Awards list 'for service to the bilateral relations between Papua New Guinea and Australia and especially in the development of the Kokoda Trail and its honoured place in the history of both nations' over the past 25 years.'   More..

Major Chad Sherrin MM

Chad is a decorated Vietnam veteran - he was awarded the Military Medal for bravery in action.  Chad first joined the 8th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (8 RAR) as a tracking dog handler.  He was promoted through the ranks to Sergeant while serving with 8 RAR and served with the Battalion in Malaysia and South Vietnam.  More..

Major Scott Babington

Scott joined the Australian Army as a 16 year old apprentice in 1985.  He was promoted through the ranks and has spent over 34 years serving in the Australian Regular Army.  

Scott has worked with the United Nations in Sudan as a Military Observer and as an Adviser in Afghanistan with the US 82nd Airborne and the 3rd Infantry Divisions.  More..


Major Craig Moffat OAM

Craig joined the Australian Army in 1979 and was posted to the Royal Australian Infantry Corps where he has served for 40 years with over 20 years serving in Special Operations Command as a Commando.  

Craig has seen regimental service as a soldier and officer rising through the ranks within The Royal Australian Regiment and Special Operations Command, his career culminated as soldier with two Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) appointments prior to commissioning to officer in 2005.  More..

Lieutenant Colonel Rowan Tracey LLB BA

Rowan is a pioneer of the Kokoda Trail.  He first trekked it 30 years ago when he served with the PNG Defence Force.  He is fluent in the local language 'Tok Pisin'.  Rowan is a military historian and is acknowledged as the most eminent authority on the strategy and tactics of the Kokoda campaign.  More..

Captain Reg Yates

Over the past 34 years Captain Reg Yates has explored most of the WW11 battlesites in PNG. He is fluent in Tok Pisin and is well respected by village elders along the Kokoda Trail.  More..


Peter Morrison

Peter Morrison is an unassuming young Australian.  He first trekked with Adventure Kokoda almost a decade ago and developed a strong desire to learn more about the campaign and the people he met along the trail.  Peter is a professional boxer and former NSW Welterweight  Champion.  More..


Commodore Simon Hart CSC MSc MA

Simon joined the Australian Navy a Cadet Midshipmen in 1973 and carved out an outstanding career spanning 33 years.  He specialised in maritime surface ship operations and spent the majority of his career at sea.  More..

Bernie Rowell

Bernie is a Kokoda tragic.  He first trekked with Kokoda to honour his father who served in New Guinea during the war.  He has since trekked it 55 times.  Bernie has transposed his success in business to his passion for leading treks across the Kokoda Trail.  More..

Sergeant Rod Foster

Rod is currently serving as a Sergeant in the Royal Australian Artillery at 4 Field Regiment Townsville.  He has served in the Sinai Peninsula and Iraq and has a deep understanding of the wartime history of the Kokoda campaign.  He is also a competitive ultra-marathon athlete.  More..

Peter Davis

Peter served in the Army Reserve for 7 years and has two grandfathers who served in both World Wars - one being a highly decorated soldier.  Peter recently graduated with a MPhil in Military History with the Australian Defence Force Academy and is now studying for his PhD.  More..

John Nalder

Prior to John joining Adventure Kokoda he used to wrestle crocodiles with Steve Irwin.  John is a qualified para-medic and expert bushman.  He has a deep emotional commitment to Kokoda and the veterans he has met over the years.  He is a keen student of the Kokoda campaign.  More..

Fiona Foster

Fiona has a strong passion for Kokoda, PNG and its people which was sparked as a young girl knowing her grandfather fought on Kokoda.

As a school teacher Fiona has extensive experience in developing leadership in young Australians and has been involved in the development of a leadership program within the school environment.  This saw her bring two passions together; teaching our future generations and Kokoda, whilst getting them outside of their comfort zones, and allowing them to learn about themselves.  More..

Carla Valmorbida

Carla brings great organisational skills, energy and humour to her role.  She is passionate about the Kokoda campaign and thrives on seeing how transformative and life-changing this experience can be for trekkers.

Carla was initially inspired to trek Kokoda to honour her Grandfathers service with the AIF in Buna and has now successfully participated in a number of Adventure Kokoda Youth Leadership Challenge treks as a Trek Guide.  More..

Tracie Watson

Tracie is the General Manager and engine room of Adventure Kokoda - she is on-call 24/7 and will look after your every need and concern from the moment you book your trek until you arrive back in Australia.  More..

Why Trek with Adventure Kokoda

Our primary goal is to lead you safely across the Kokoda Trail and ensure you have an unforgettable wartime historical and cultural experience.

Charlie has led more than 90 expeditions across the Kokoda Trail over the past 30 years.

He previously served in the Australian Army for 21 years. During this time he saw active service in Vietnam; was assigned to the joint Australian, New Zealand and British (ANZUK) Force in Singapore/ Malaysia from 1970-72, and as an exchange instructor in Airborne Logistics with the United States Army from 1977-78. He is a graduate of the Army Command and Staff College.

Why choose Adventure Kokoda?

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