Rubbish Removal

We carry our rubbish out with us – please don’t litter!  At each stop two rubbish bags will be placed out: one for cans, paper and plastic; and one for food scraps. Please use them and don’t mix them up!

Your trek will last 8-10 days – your litter will last a lot longer – for example: 

ITEM Litter Years
  Cigarette butts   1-5 years
  Aluminium cans   500 years
  Glass bottles   1000 years
  Plastic bags   10-20 years
  Plastic coated paper   5 years
  Plastic film containers   20-30 years
  Nylon fabric   30-40 years
  Leather   Up to 50 years
  Wool socks   1-5 years
  Orange & banana peel   Up to 2 years
  Tin cans   50 years
  Plastic 6-pack holders   100 years
  Plastic bottles & Styrofoam   Indefinitely

So don’t be a Kokoda tosser - the Owen Stanley Range is a beautiful, special and fragile environment - please ensure the only things you leave behind are your footprints.