Your tent

You will have your own mosquito proof tent on the trek - it will be carried by our group carriers who will erect and dismantle it for you each day.

All of our tents are the same colour and which can be a bit confusing in the dark of the jungle – particularly when you are returning to it after going to the toilet during the night.  We therefore suggest you bring a couple of waterproof A4 sized name tags with some string attached so you can hang it on your tent – another good idea is to place a piece of reflective tape on it.

It is also a good idea to bring a small chamois with you to wipe your tent out each morning before our PNG support crew pack it up.

If you are a snorer please ‘out yourself’ early and ask your carrier to erect your tent out of range of your ‘snore zone’.  This will be much appreciated by your fellow trekkers.