Our trek meals are a highlight of our treks and the envy of all.

We provide the three main meals each day for the trek.  This includes cereal, baked beans and spaghetti, biscuits, tea, coffee and hot chocolate for breakfast; pasta/rice, dry biscuits, cheese, tuna, luncheon meat, corned meat, tea, coffee, hot chocolate and sweet biscuits for lunch; and soup, a variety of canned meat/chicken/fish and vegetables served with rice, pasta or mashed potato for dinner with tea, coffee and hot chocolate.

All meals are prepared and served by our Boss Cook and his assistant. 

Tropical Fruits 

During the trek local villagers often offer a delicious array of tropical fruits for our trekkers.  We do not include this food in our ration plan as we cannot rely on them to do it every time.  If you decide to accept the offering – and it is usually most welcome – then please be prepared to make a donation of PNGK10 – about $5.  Your trek leader will take up a collection to present to the village in response to this hospitality when it happens.

Trek Snack Packs 

We recommend you provide a daily snack pack to nibble on during the day.  A suggested list would include some small packets of fruit/nut mixes/sultanas, biscuits, glucose lollies, energy bars, jelly beans, etc. Important: the weight of your daily snack pack should not exceed 150 grams.  You will sometimes have the opportunity of obtaining bananas, mandarins, passionfruit and other local fruits along the way to supplement your diet.

You must carry all your snacks in your own pack.  You should pack them into two bags; one to carry with you and the other – clearly labelled with your name – will be sent to a village half-way along the track.  It is a good idea to use a small bag that you no longer need for your half-way drop – it can be donated to the local villagers after you have emptied it.