Our Trek Leaders

We engage professional trek leaders who have no peer on the Kokoda Trail:

  • We are all qualified in Advanced First Aid;
  • We all carry satellite phones and VHF radios with a 24/7 rear link to our headquarters at Sogeri;
  • We have a combined total of 160 years professional military service within out team;
  • We all have extensive experience in expedition leadership;
  • We all understand the phases of war and the principles applicable to each phase;
  • We have all studied the strategy and tactics of each battle of the Kokoda campaign;
  • We have a 32 year relationship with villagers along the trail; and
  • We are all committed to Network Kokoda to provide health and education support to local villagers along the trail - see www.networkkokoda.org.

Meet our Trek Leaders

Our Niugini Guides and Carriers

Our Niugini guides and carriers are the grandsons of the legendary 'fuzzy-wuzzy angels' from the villages we trek through.  They are simply 'masters of their environment' and just as dedicated to getting you safely across the trail as their grandfathers were for our diggers.

We provide each one with a full trek uniform, a sleeping bag, a sleeping mat, and the same meals as out trekkers.

We also provide for the cost of emergency evacuation if required and cover the cost of any medical/hospital expenses - according to our PNG leadership team, Adventure Kokoda is the only tour company that provides this support to our crews. 

To ensure harmony among the Koiari and Orokaiva villagers we employ an equal number of guides and porters from each village across the Trail for each trek. This enriches the cultural aspect of the pilgrimage as they are able to talk about the local customs and history of each place - it is also provides an added security aspect for our groups.


Our History

Major Charlie Lynn pioneered the Kokoda trekking industry in 1991.

His company, Adventure Kokoda, engages professional leaders to ensure trekkers have an unsurpassed wartime historical experience.  His leadership team has a combined total of 160 years military service and has led more than 7,000 trekkers from all walks of life safely across the trail over the past 30 years.

Charlie has led 99 treks across the trail and has developed a close relationship with the Kioari and Orokaiva people over the years. He established Network Kokoda as a not-for-profit company in 2008 - it is now the leading philanthropic provider for villagers along the trail.

In 2015, Charlie was inducted as an Office of the Logohu* by the Papua New Guinea Governor General, Sir Michael Ogio for service to the bilateral relations between Papua New Guinea and Australia and especially in the development of the Kokoda Trail and its honoured place in the history of both nations over the past 25 years.

Only six of these prestigious awards are allocated in the annual Papua New Guinea Honours and Awards list each year.

* Logohu is a Motuan ward for the bird-of-paradise, the official national symbol of Papua New Guinea since its independence. The Order consists of three classes and a medal.