Our daily routine keeps us organised, focused and together.

You will get a ‘cooee’ wake-up call around 5.00 am each morning.  You will then be left to scratch around in your tent while you get your gear together and get ready for breakfast.  Our guides will have boiled hot water for those who like to start the day with a fresh cup of coffee.

After breakfast your trek leader will assemble the group and give a briefing on the day ahead and let you know where we will assemble for morning tea, battlesite briefings, lunch, etc.

He will also check any medical or other trekking issues amongst the group.

At the conclusion of the morning briefings you are able to move off at your own pace in small sub-groups with your guides and carriers.  There is no pressure on anybody to ‘keep up’ – we want you to trek at a slow comfortable pace – particularly during the first few days as you acclimatize to the humidity.

We usually arrive at out next campsite late in the afternoon.  Our PNG support crew will have erected your tent and have a fire going.  You are then free to go to the nearby creek to bathe and wash your clothes.   After all chores have been completed and clean dry clothes have been donned there is usually time to sit around the fire and have a yarn as you wait for our PNG ‘Bos Kuk’ to call you for dinner.

Trekkers are usually snug in their tents by around 8.00 pm each night for a sound sleep among the haunting sounds of the jungle.