There are no guarantees on Kokoda - we minimize risk to the best of our ability but responsibility for your physical preparation rests with you.


We are advised that no vaccinations are required for entry to PNG.  However, you should make sure your Tetanus cover is up to date and consider Cholera, Typhoid and Hepatitis-A vaccinations and discuss your requirements with your doctor.

If you are advised to have vaccinations then plan ahead for getting them.  Some require an initial shot followed by a booster, while some vaccinations should not be given together.  


The major area of concern is malaria.  The best protection is to avoid being bitten - and the best way to do this is to wear long sleeve shirts and long pants and apply 'Bushman’s' or ‘tropical strength Rid/Aeroguard’ mosquito repellent to exposed areas of skin.    

Tell your Doctor you are going to PNG for two weeks and will be spending most of the time on the Kokoda Trail in the Owen Stanley Range.  He or she will then prescribe the appropriate anti-malarial medication for you.

A number of trekkers have experienced an adverse reaction to Doxycycline and Malarone which are often prescribed by medical practitioners.  You should discuss the likelihood of this with your Doctor and seek his/her advice.  LARIAM (MEFLOQUINE) IS NOT RECOMMENDED due to its psychotic and vertigo/dizziness side effects).

We recommend that you begin your anti-malarial course at least one week prior to your departure date.  This will give you time to discuss any adverse reaction you might have to the medication – it is best to sort this out before you leave rather than be affected on the trail. 

You can also check Travel Doctor at to obtain the latest information on travelling to PNG.

Personal and First-Aid Items Checklist

Our list includes recommended essential items to bring - you should also bring any personal medication you might need.

Small toiletry kit containing deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste and Dettol Antiseptic Soap or biodegradable soap such as ‘Wilderness Wash’  
Toilet paper (keep in a waterproof plastic bag) – two rolls (one for your pack and one for the halfway drop-off point)  
Anti-malarial tablets (as prescribed by your doctor)  
Small tube of Betadine or other antiseptic ointment  
1 X 30g tube of ‘Bepanthen Nappy Rash Cream’ or ‘Silic 15’ for your feet!  
1 X 70ml bottle of Aqium Anti-Bacterial Gel (for washing hands before meals/after toilet stops – available from chemists)  
Water purification tablets (we recommend Aqua Prove - available from Anaconda stores)   
Anti-fungal foot-powder (small 30g container)  
Anti-fungal liquid/cream eg. Canesten or Daktarin (20g tube)  
1 X 15ml bottle of Tea-Tree Oil (for your feet)  
Packet of pain relievers – Panadol or Nurofen  
Anti-inflammatory tablets (as prescribed by your doctor)  
Broad-spectrum antibiotic tablets (as prescribed by your doctor)  
2 X Dr Scholl blister packs  
One (1) roll of broad elastic bandage  
Roll of Leukoplast waterproof rigid strapping tape (30mm X 5m)   
Band-Aids (waterproof)  
Bushman’s/Rid/Aeroguard /tropical strength mosquito repellent   
Rehydration Tablets