The Kokoda Trail is rugged and remote - as rugged as any trek on this planet.

Normal injuries in this environment can result in significant planning and preparation for safe evacuation.  A severely sprained ankle or broken leg may involve the recruitment of stretcher bearers from nearby villages, the construction of a stretcher from bush material, organisation and co-ordination of safe evacuation by helicopter, medical arrangements in Port Moresby, etc.  If the injury is more serious then emergency evacuation procedures are more complicated.

Adventure Kokoda Expedition Leaders are trained and equipped to handle such emergencies.

There is a fine line between adventure and stupidity.  If you are planning to trek across the Kokoda Trail then ensure the group you travel with has an expedition leader trained and qualified in Remote Area First-Aid and the following emergency equipment:

  • A comprehensive first-aid kit
  • A medical defibrillator
  • A satellite phone - with a real number and an active subscription
  • Two (2) VHF radios with moonraker antennas
  • An emergency location beacon




You should also ensure the trekking company you choose has a current Public Liability Insurance policy with a $10 million limit for each claim.  To trek with a company that does not have a current Public Liability Insurance policy is an act of gross personal negligence.

Those who fail to do this cross that fine line between common-sense and stupidity!

According to the Travel Advisory in Smart Traveller issued by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs:

'Trekkers on the Kokoda Trail can be vulnerable if they trek in small groups without an experienced trek leader'.