Day 2: Port Moresby – Kokoda – Hoi

Today you have an early start as your group has to arrive at the departure terminal of our charter aircraft company to check your gear in and complete your loading manifests prior to your flight to Kokoda. Air charter companies are keen to depart Port Moresby by 8.00 AM as weather conditions are most favourable around this time.

The flight across the Owen Stanley Ranges is 96 km and takes about 25 minutes to complete.

Our PNG support crew will be waiting for you at the Kokoda airfield. You then get a chance to meet with them and marry up with your personal carrier if you have booked one.

After youe have sorted our gear we trek up to the Kokoda plateau and inspect the area where Bravo Company from the 39th Battalion was attacked on the night of 29 July 1942. The average age of one of the sections in Bravo Company was 18½ years.

You then follow the footsteps of the young diggers as they made their way through the misty surrounds of the rubber plantation as the Japanese swarmed over their position.

You will continue trekking through to Kovello village and onto your campsite at Hoi village where you will have plenty of time to make any adjustments to your backpacks, re-sort your gear if necessary and get acquainted with organising your individual tents which will already have been erected by your PNG campsite crew.

Why Trek with Adventure Kokoda

Our primary goal is to lead you safely across the Kokoda Trail and ensure you have an unforgettable wartime historical and cultural experience.

Charlie has led 101 expeditions across the Kokoda Trail over the past 32 years.

He previously served in the Australian Army for 21 years. During this time he saw active service in Vietnam; was assigned to the joint Australian, New Zealand and British (ANZUK) Force in Singapore/ Malaysia from 1970-72, and as an exchange instructor in Airborne Logistics with the United States Army from 1977-78. He is a graduate of the Army Command and Staff College.

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