Day 7: Menari Village to Ofi Creek via Nauro

After Reveille, breakfast and pack-up your trek leader will check your welfare then give you a detailed briefing of the day ahead where we cross the Brown River and the Maguli Range.

You trek down to Emune River at 825m AMSL then begin a steep climb up to the Menari Gap in the Ladavi Saddle at 1105m AMSL. You then follow the trail down to the Nauro Lookout at 1035m AMSL then continue down to Hehomuri Creek (known as 5 Creeks?) at the base of the Ladavi Saddle at 760m AMSL.

From here you will enter the Nauro swamp area (also known as the Brown River Catchment Area because it is the source of water for the Port Moresby area at the bottom of the range). You continue trekking to Agulogo Creek at 730m AMSL for morning tea.

You then trek to the Brown River at 700m AMSL then continue through the Nauro swamp area via Hamuduri Creek to the base of the Maguli Range. From here we commence a steep climb to Nauro Village (formerly known as Wamal) at 1000m AMSL for lunch.

After lunch you will continue your climb over a number of ‘false’ crests to the top of the Maguli Range (known as Mogolonumu) at 1335m AMSL. After a short break you trek down over numerous false crests on Engineers Ridge (named after the sappers who cut 3,400 steps up the mountain) to a Japanese defensive position at 915m AMSL for a briefing.

After the briefing you continue trekking down to your campsite at Ofi Creek which is 600m AMSL.

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Our primary goal is to lead you safely across the Kokoda Trail and ensure you have an unforgettable wartime historical and cultural experience.

Charlie has led 101 expeditions across the Kokoda Trail over the past 32 years.

He previously served in the Australian Army for 21 years. During this time he saw active service in Vietnam; was assigned to the joint Australian, New Zealand and British (ANZUK) Force in Singapore/ Malaysia from 1970-72, and as an exchange instructor in Airborne Logistics with the United States Army from 1977-78. He is a graduate of the Army Command and Staff College.

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