From our trekkers:

'Adventure Kokoda treks are well resourced and well planned - daily briefings and briefings at battle sites were the norm. Adventure Kokoda has it just right . . .'

'I would seriously say that I would not change one aspect of the entire experience. Would be great to do it again in a couple of years with my two sons . . .'

'A wonderful trip, a wonderful team - a very special experience. We chose the right group to go with. Well done Adventure Kokoda! . . .'

'Thank you for providing me with what will be one of my greatest life experiences . . .'

'Would thoroughly recommend Adventure Kokoda and would love to do it again - thanks for the experience . . .'

Marian Frith: 'A Hard Slog to Kokoda' - Canberra Times:

'If the spirit of Kokoda is strength in adversity, courage and mateship that spirit has been seeded in us all. We cross in a brief 20 minutes what has taken us eight gruelling days. And like all those who crossed it before us, who left their souls in the mud and the heat and the terrifying jungle, few will ever go back.

'Charlie, of course, is the exception. He will continue to pluck other ordinary humans from their comfortable lives and help them blossom into indefatigables, drawing on the greatness that lies largely unchallenged within us all. For the rest of us though, Kokoda will become just one humbling week in our lifetimes: albeit our whole lifetimes lived in just one unforgettably humbling week'.

Jihad Dib - Principal, Punchbowl Boys High School:

'The trek rates as one of the most incredible experiences. I have traveled many countries and under a variety of conditions, however, never have I felt as satisfied as when I completed this journey. I suppose, two weeks after the event, I have seen the changes in perspective and the way I have approached things in life. The trek was not about the physical aspect; the historical and emotional awakening far outweighed this.

'I have since recommended to all and sundry this trip and especially with Adventure Kokoda. How fortunate am I ? I experienced something so important to our national fabric and had my own personal historian guide me through one of the most spiritually uplifting experiences of my life. Thank you Charlie, I will never forget the experience you created for the group and the better person you have helped me become.'

Sally Bray:

‘On completion of the Kokoda Mateship Trek I believe that the essence of this quote resonated within each one of us. We have gone to the depths of our physical selves and have discovered a rich emotional and spiritual journey along the way. Surrounding the 4 pillars that stood as a tribute to the soldiers of the Kokoda campaign - COURAGE, ENDURANCE, MATESHIP & SACRIFICE – we too have received and delivered. What a rewarding journey it’s been.

‘Days later…

‘My mind is a kaleidoscope of thoughts. Upon return from Kokoda life is yet again full. A part of me is resentful towards this pace of city living in contrast to the peaceful and charming jungle. I feel a genuine burden for the people in poverty I witnessed in PNG.

‘I ask myself: ‘Why have I seen all this? What should I do with this frustration of injustice, poverty and corruption? Is it a mere lesson of culture and history, a renewed gratitude for the blessings in my life, or a call to action…?

‘ALL of the above I suspect….

‘With Sincerest Appreciation’

Neil Williams, Journalist


Thank you for your encouragement and tolerance in helping me know the Australian soul.'

Beverley Partridge - Writer and Poet

'Dear Charlie,

'I'd like to congratulate you on the way you conducted the trek along the Kokoda Trail in April this year. Fourteen trekkers from the broadest spectrum of life obviously have different attitudes, but you directed the focus to a concentrated point and this group united and performed as one - with determination and humour - to conquer the Kokoda Trail.'

Paul Rogers - Army Colonel:


‘How quickly one forgets the pain but remembers all the great memories. I certainly consider it one of those experiences of a lifetime. The company was excellent, and the mixture of physical and mental stress, with the historical importance of the track and unbelievable beauty of the area where we trekked made the whole experience a fantastic cocktail... Thanks for your personal input. I know it was your personal influence (shaping) of the group and your insights into the local village lifestyles and history of the track that made the whole experience an unforgettable one.’

Helen Dauncey:

'Dear Charlie,

'Once again I feel great after 10 days of privation and hardships under your inspiring command. I am quite serious - I do feel renewed and with a few more obstacles that existed in my mind only, conquered... I just wanted to say thanks.'

Mark and Olivia Bromley:

'Charlie, you are amazing! Your knowledge and passion for the track, and the villages was inspirational. Your dawn service at Isurava was not only the highlight of our trip, but one of the most moving experiences of our lives. We are completely fulfilled, and feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed! Wouldn’t be dead for quid’s! '