From the Premier of New South Wales on 12 December 2002:

'Dear Charlie,

I've always been impressed by your love of the Track and your determination to ensure its place in the Australian imagination is never lost.

You know better than most that the Kokoda Track isn't just a place where our salvation was won - though we should remember and document and treasure every inch of it. Kokoda's now part of the Australian dreaming, a sacred site.

More than than. The men of Kokoda are among the greatest of heroes in a land that rightly canonises few heroes. And as time slowly steals the survivors from our midst, it's hard to resist thinking that Australians in the not too distant future will look back with almost disbelief at the giants who lived in those days.

Thanks again.

Yours sincerely,

Bob Carr MP

Ron Barr OAM - Youth InSearch Founder/Director:

Dear Charlie,

This letter also provides me with the opportunity to thank you once again for allowing Stephen to participate in the Kokoda trek. He is not only fortunate to have the chance to re-live some valuable history but also have a real life experience which he can pass onto others. To be honest I find it difficult to put into words my depth of gratitude to you.

Testimonials from the Sydney Swans Inaugural Kokoda Memorial Game


We have you to thank for your incredible vision and persistence in making sure the concept got off the ground. We are all very proud and honoured to have played a part in such a special and unique project. We can only look forward to what the spirit of Kokoda may bring us in the future!

Kelvin Templeton
CEO Sydney Swans