Kokoda Jungle Cap

Kokoda Jungle Cap
Kokoda Jungle CapAdventure Kokoda Trail Cap HatAdventure Kokoda Trail Cap HatAdventure Kokoda Trail Cap Hat

Kokoda Jungle Cap

The embroidered emblem symbolises the 1942 AMF Rising Sun Badge.

The enduring image of a 'fuzzy-wuzzy angel'; a traditional Kundu Drum and Spear; and a customary form of currency, the Kina Shell.

The word 'Kokoda' is engraved on the Kundu Drum; '1942' on the handle; and 'Papua New Guinea' on the Kina Shell.

Papua New Guinea is embroidered on the Back. One size fits all.

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Why Trek with Adventure Kokoda

Our primary goal is to lead you safely across the Kokoda Trail and ensure you have an unforgettable wartime historical and cultural experience.

Charlie has led more than 90 expeditions across the Kokoda Trail over the past 30 years.

He previously served in the Australian Army for 21 years. During this time he saw active service in Vietnam; was assigned to the joint Australian, New Zealand and British (ANZUK) Force in Singapore/ Malaysia from 1970-72, and as an exchange instructor in Airborne Logistics with the United States Army from 1977-78. He is a graduate of the Army Command and Staff College.

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