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New Kokoda Topographical Map ReleasedTopo Map of the Kokoda Trail

The 1:50,000 scale topographical map of the Kokoda Trail contains a detailed plot of the wartime tracks used during the Kokoda campaign together with details of today’s eco-tracks. It also contains:

  • Contour lines with spot heights and Global Positioning System Grids
  • Trail cross sections showing track profiles
  • Location of wartime villages, battle-sites, fire-support bases and logistic support areas
  • Today’s villages, campsites, lookouts and water points
  • Airfields and emergency helicopter landing zones
  • Indigenous names of mountains, rivers, creeks and significant features

References for the compilation of the map include:

  • Royal Australian Army Survey Corp Map EFOGI. 1;100,000
  • Wartime sketch maps and air photographs from the Australian War Memorial and the National Library of Australia
  • PNG Mapping Bureau Survey Map of the Kokoda Trail
  • Descriptions of the trail from wartime journalist, Osmar White

The production of previous maps has been limited by the difficulty of surveying cross-sections of the tracks with prismatic compasses and obtaining accurate readings with early model global positioning systems. 

The development of the Garmin C60 GPS allowed satellite signals to penetrate the jungle canopy over the Kokoda Trail and obtain accurate readings for the first time.

Over the past four years we have conducted numerous mapping expeditions over all sections of the Kokoda Trail utilising official army survey maps, descriptions from various battalion histories and the guidance of local landowner teams.  As a result we have been able to identify the watime location of villages and the local names of all the mountains, rivers, creeks and features along the Kokoda Trail.

The map was recently used as a source document for the official investigation into the recent air crash on the eastern range of the trail.

Adventure Kokoda Trek Leaders, Lieutenant Colonels Rowan Tracey and Ron Beattie, Majors Charlie Lynn and  Chad Sherrin MM, Commodore Simon Hart,
John Nalder, Peter Davis, Bernie Rowell, Peter Morrison and Dave Sherry participated in mapping expeditions and contributed to the compilation of the map.


Our Port Moresby Grammar School Kokoda Bursary ProgramPort Moreswby Grammar School

Our Adventure Kokoda Bursary Program relies on calls for help from the Deputy Principal of the Port Moresby Grammar School. Many families in Port Moresby are unable to meet their commitments for school fees for various reasons. When this happens to bright students who would otherwise have to leave school we work with Port Moresby Grammar to cover their fees.

Mr Michael Luff, Deputy Principal of Port Moresby Grammar School has provided the following feedback in regard tp tje stidemts we have assisted in 2010:

  • Wari Tola. Wari had been expelled from a local government school because she fell pregnant in Year 11. Fifteen months later she re-applied to return to school but the principal refused to accept her. We responded to an urgent call for assistance from Mr Luff and together with the Business & Professional Women’s Group of Port Moresby we were able to cover her fees. In mid-September 2010 Wari topped the country’s 13,000 studenhts in the English written expression exam. Wari will now graduate and probably take up a Banking Career. We will provide further assistance if required in 2011.
  • Kylie Kevau. Kylie’s family were unable to pay her school fees. Adeventure Kokoda trekkers, Sue Hoopmann and Kerry Chikarovski answered an urgent call for assistance and, together with the Business and Professional Women’s Association of Port Moresby, Kylie was able to graduate in 2010. She now intends to study foundation science at UPNG with the aim of completing a medical degree in order to become a doctor;
  • Iadua Vegofi & Peter Redin. Idua and Peter from Year 11 were awarded a full scholarship each from the RSL State Branch (Canberra) to complete the senior years of schooling at Port Moresby Grammar School. Mr. John King (President) made the presentation;
  • Elaine Kila. Elaine, from Year 12, was awarded a full scholarship for 2010 to complete her final year of schooling. Mr. Joe Filippi, President) from the Port Moresby RSL sub-branch, made the presentation;
  • Sarah Danagi. Sarah, is sponsored by Russell Keddie from Keddies Lawyers in Redfern – Sydney. The initial connection was made through Adventure Kokoda networking as Russell had previously trekked with Charlie Lynn in 1996.;
  • Mayvis Viritia and Wagea Wagea. Mayvis and Viritia are both in Grade one: – sponsored by Charlie & Jill Lynn through Adventure Kokoda for 2009 & 2010; and
  • Vincent Simborata. Vincent is in Grade 7:- Sponsored by Charlie & Jill Lynn through Adventure Kokoda for 2009 & 2010..

Past Graduates

  • Margatet Aitsi. Margaret achieved distinctions in year 12 at Port Moresby Grammar School and was awarded the Chairman’s Prize for best student. Adventure Kokoda are now sponsoring Margaret as a boarding student at the Divine Word University in Madang where she is studing commerce. The sponsorship includes full payment of fees, clothing assistance, a laptop computer and a fortnightly allowance.
  • .Alfredah Nakue. Alfredah was sponsored by Adventure Kokoda during her final two years at Port Moresby Grammar School. She is now employed by Adventure Kokoda to assist with administration of our treks in PNG. She also participates in our RSL Services Clubs Youth Leadership Challenge as an assistant trek leader to assist young female trekkers during their trek.


Adventure Kokoda - a proud partner of LegacyLegacy

Adventure Kokoda is proud to be a corporate partner of Legacy. Three of our trek leaders, Charlie Lynn, Chad Sherrin and Ron Beattie are Legatees.

Over the past five years we have donated ten treks to Legacy for auction at their annual Torch Appeal functionsin Sydney and Brisbane. These have raised more than $100,000 for this this great organisaton devoted to the care and welfare of war widows and the families of servicemen and womenkilled on active service. This support takes the form of:

  • Advocacy
  • Medical Support
  • Financial assistance
  • Transport
  • Children's education and development
  • Widows and children's holidays
  • Widows and dependents social clubs

Legacy receives minimal government funding and relies on the compassion and generosity of the pulic to support its programs. Sydney Letgacy currently supports 15,830 widows and 460- children. Last year Legacy spent $6 million on welfare support.

Trekkers with Adventure Kokoda are invited to use their trek as an opportunity for fundraising.

Further informaton can be obtained at


Our First Kokoda Bursary GraduatesAlfredah Nakure

We were please to attend the gradualtion of our first students from Port Moresby Grammar school last December. We currently have eight students sponsored under our Kokoda Bursary Program due to the generosity of our past trekkers. We were asked to sponsorAlfredah Nakure a couple of years ago as her parents were unable to cover her school fees.

Last year we sponsored Alfredah and her classmate, Margaret Aitsi, on a Kokoda Mateship trek across the Kokoda Trail with some young leaders from Cronulla and Bankstown. They have formed strong and continuing friendships with these young people.

Margaret is an outstanding student and earned a scholarship to study Commerce at the Divine Word University in Madang. Adventure Kokdoa has committed to sponsoring her with fees and a fortnightly living allowance for her university studiesover the next four years.

We have joined with Warren Bartlett at the Sogeri Lodge in Port Moresby to employ Alfredah as she wants to work in the tourism industry. She now meets our trekkers on arrival and escorts them to the lodge. She works with our trek leaders to look after our in-country administratoin and logistics. Alfredah also acts as our tour guide fro our trekkers on our tour around Port Moresby at the end of their trek.

She has just completed her 1st Aid training in Port Moresby and will now accompany our Youth Leadership Treks which have Australian female trekkers as part of the group.

We plan to sponsor Alfredah Tourism studies at Port Moresby TAFE after she has gained more practical experience.


Giving Back Along the TrackKokoda Hospital Cheque Presentation by Charlie Lynn

Adventure Kokoda has raised the following funds for distribution through the Kokoda Track Foundation to villages along the track during the period 2005-2006:

  • Kokoda Memorial Hospital: $15,000 for medical supplies
  • Ioribaiwa Village: $500 for medical supplies
  • Nauro Village: $1000 for medical supplies, $500 for school supplies and $500 for musical instruments.
  • Menari Village: $2500 for their medical clinic, $500 for school supplies and $1000 for musical instruments.
  • Efogi Village: $1000 for medical supplies, $500 for school supplies and $1000 for musical instruments.
  • Laununumu Village: $500 for school supplies and $500 for medical supplies.
  • Kagi Village: $1000 for medical supplies and $500 for school supplies.
  • Naduri Village: $1000 for medical supplies and $500 for school supplies.Charlie Lynn in Abuari Village School
  • Alola Village: $1000 for medical supplies, $1000 for musical instruments and $500 for school supplies.
  • Abuari Village: $1,000 for musical instruments and $500 for school supplies.
  • Isurava Village: $1000 for medical supplies and $500 for school supplies and
  • Kovello Village:$500 for medical supplies, $1000 for musical instruments and $500 for school supplies.
  • Kokoda Village: $500 for school supplies and $500 for musical instruments at the Kokoda Kindergarten.
  • Kovovo Primary School: $2000 for musical instruments.

The presentations were made possible as the result of donations received from Ms Patreece King (who has just completed her second trek), Mr Nick Campbell on behalf of Johnson and Johnson (Australia), Adventure Kokoda, the RSL and Services Clubs Association, Wagga Wagga RSL Club, Merrylands RSL Club, Cantebury-Hurlestone Park RSL Club, Shoalhaven Ex-Servicemen's Club, Belmore RSL Club, the Leagues Club Association of NSW, Bankstown District Sports Club and the City of Bankstown RSL Club. NSW MP, Mr Tony Stewart was instrumental in raising the funds from the clubs as part of the 2006 Adventure Kokoda Fundraising Trek.


Tiny Fuzzy Wuzzy Angel Survives a Kokoda Ordeal Billy Matthew Hoi Village April 2004

As we finished our Anzac trek in April 2004 the local people from Hoi Village brought a young boy, Billy Matthew, to our campsite to see if we could help him. Billy had fallen on his machete which sliced clean through his stomach in a freak tree-felling accident.

Billy father, Matthew Etu, carried Billy to the nearest hospital with a doctor - a three day trek to Popondetta on the northern coast. The operation went horribly wrong. The ‘doctor’ used dissolving sultures to treat Billy’s machete wound and left him with a scar 30cm long and 5 cm wide.

Billy returned to his village but his stomach ruptured and he suffered a massivelife-threatening hernia. They couldn't return him to the hospital because the 'doctor' had 'gone bush'.

Billy Matthew at Port MoresbyWe decided to put Billy on our charter aircraft and fly him to Port Moresby for urgent treatment. We also had to provide for Billy's father, Matthew and another villager, Dadi Abel, who had also fallen on his machete and suffered a nasty laceration across the side of his face. Our trek group passed the hat around to provide for their accommodation and treatment in Port Moresby.

Charlie Lynn contacted his mate, Bob Howarth, General Manager of the Post Courier, for assistance. Bob arranged his friend, Dr Mann Ponafasio to perform an operation a the Pacific International Private Hospital. The Kokoda Track Foundation agreed to pay all Billy's medical expenses.

The operation was successful. Billy told the Post Courier reporter that now he will be normal, like other village piccaninnies Billy in Port Moresby Hospital(children) he wants to continue his family's fuzzy wuzzy angel tradition and become a carrier for the increasing numbers of Australian trekkers.

Billy was released from hospital just before the State of Origin clash and was presented with a poster of his team, the Queensland maroons, before flying back to his village.

We then arranged to provide a scholarship for Billy to commence elementary school in 2005.

Billy's story is all to common in PNG. Health care we take for granted in Australia is simply not available. The Kokoda Track Foundation plans to train at least one nurse in each village across the Trail and to equip an aid post with basic medical supplies on an ongoing basis.



Nauro Elementary School Sep 04

Adventure Kokoda Groups to sponsor Kokoda village students

Adventure Kokoda provides a community school sponsorship valued at $250 with each group that treks across the track. The sponsorship is paid to The Kokoda Track Foundation and cover's the student's school fees, books, school supplies and uniforms. In 2005 these sponsorships amounted to more than $6000. This contribution allowed the Foundation to donate $2000 worth of school supplies to village schools at Nauro, Menari, Efogi, Kovovo, Alola, Kovello and Kokoda in 2005.

This will be our legacy to the grandsons and daughters of the legendary fuzzy-wuzzy angels.


Supporting Westpac Helicopter Rescue

SEVEN intrepid adventurers left the Westpac Life Saver helibase yesterday on their way to walk the Kokoda Trail to raise funds for the Northern Rivers rescue service.Westpac Heli Rescue

The project was originally the idea of rescue helicopter chief crewman Roger Fry, who wanted to mark his 50th birthday with an adventure that would also raise funds for the service. Adventure Kokoda agreed to provide a subsidised rate to assist them in their fundraising endeavour.

The idea grew to include a team of trekkers, including Mr Fry’s 15-year-old son Callum – the youngest of the group – who “harassed” his dad for permission to go.

“I initially said ‘no’ because we had 15 starters at the end of last year,” Mr Fry said.

“But, there’s always a natural attrition with these things and when the numbers dropped off, Callum came in as a late entry.”

In addition to raising $4465 for the trip, the trekkers have each raised an additional $1500 through sponsorship for the Westpac Life Saver Rescue Service.

North Coast Radiology has also donated $5000 for the adventure.

The other five Kokoda trekkers are: Westpac Rescue Service finance officer Danielle Teague, Lismore doctor James Young, Hash House Harrier runner Gary Manning, Maryanne Sewell, whose husband Mark crews one of the rescue helicopters and Sue Mills, from Coffs Harbour.

Daily updates will be available at Donations can also be made to individual trek members.


Peter Fitzsimons Nauro Village Nov 02

'Kokoda' by Peter Fitzsimons

Peter Fitzsimons book 'Kokoda' reached the top of the bestseller list and is going through its third reprint.

Fitzy developed empathy for the Diggers when he trekked Kokoda with Charlie Lynn in November 2002 as part of his research. He shed more than 20 kg from his giant frame in preparation for the trek - and another 20 after it. He also gave up smoking as part of the process. Fitz has dispensed with the military jargon which makes some of the earlier accounts of the campaign difficult for the layman to understand. Written as a novel but based on the real experiences of our Diggers it is a must read for anybody with an interest in our military heritage. Fitz reminds us that:

At Gallipoli we fought for England and lost.
At Kokoda we fought for Australia and won!



Adam Goodes Kovello Jan 01

Sydney Swans benefit from the Spirit of Kokoda

A few years ago Charlie Lynn was asked to lead a group of Sydney Swans across the Kokoda Trail as part of their personal development. Brett Kirk and Leo Barry were to be part of the squad. The CEO of the Swans at the time, Kelvin Templeton, a former Brownlow medallist and Colman Medal winner, believed they both had potential but their careers were at the crossroads. Kirky had been dropped from the players list at the end of the season and leaping Leo was in such a bad form slump they couldn't even offer him as a trade.

It was a significant journey for Kirky as he set out to follow the footsteps of his grandfather, Private Wally Moras, a Kokoda veteran.

The experience had a major impact on them. Both fought their way back into the squad and are now two of the key players in the team. Their performance was recognised at the end of the 2004 season when they were both selected in the all-Australian team - the only two Swans to make it. A real tribute to the spirit of Kokoda.

Sydney Swans who trekked Kokoda with Charlie Lynn include Brett Kirk, Leo Barry, Adam Goodes, Andrew Schauble, Ryan O'Keefe, Aamon Buchanan and Jason Saddington.


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Yahoo Serious Temp Crossing Aug 02

Yahoo Serious about Kokoda

Gallipoli was a defining moment in the establishment of our Australian identity. Some have said it was our baptism as a nation. We were only 14 years old at the time.

But for generations the Gallipoli campaign was a rather dry subject often described in complex military terms. We knew of it but didn't really know about it.

Then Peter Weir produced the epic film 'Gallipoli' featuring a dashing young Mel Gibson. Weir achieved more in one night at the theatre than our educators had over several decades.

As a result of the film's success the Gallipoli peninsula now has a sacred place in Australia's consciousness. Books have been written, documentaries produced and curricula developed. It has become an essential destination for young Australian backpackers as part of their journey of self-discovery.

The same is about to happen to Kokoda.

The remote and rugged mountain trail through some of the most inhospitable terrain on the planet has been described by those who fought on it as 'the devil's own design'. The enemy our Diggers faced were regarded as the most brutal and fanatical warriors of their time. They were superior in both numbers and firepower. Successive victories against the American, British and Dutch forces in Asia and the South West Pacific area gave them an air of invincibility - until they met a small band of young Australian bravehearts at Kokoda!

Kokoda - like Gallipoli - was ignored by successive governments for generations. But, like Gallipoli, young Australian adventurers are beginning to discover another piece of ground sacred to our heritage.

And in the footsteps of Peter Weir another gifted Australian film producer is about to create an epic. Yahoo Serious is dinkum about this one. Yahoo has trekked Kokoda with Charlie Lynn three times as part of his research for the film over the past three years. He is also a Director on the Kokoda Track Foundation.


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Governor General delivers 2004 Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Honner Leadership Oration

Stan Bissett, Charlie Lynn  Paul Cullen Mike Jeffery Ovoru Indiki 2004 Ralph Honner Oration

Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Honner OBE MC was the commander of the 39th Militia Battalion at the epic Battle of Isurava. Professor David Horner wrote in the forward to his biography 'We Band of Brothers" by Peter Brune:

"Few battalion commanders in Australian history have fought a more important battle than that conducted by this mild-mannered lawyer and part-time soldier on the Kokoda Trail. His battalion defended Isurava until reinforced by the more experienced 2/14th Battalion. Both battalions then held Isurava against great odds for a priceless period of several days. It set the tone for the series of bitter defensive battles that denied the Japanese the chance of reaching Port Moresby.

Honner was not just a capable commander: he was a man of integrity, honour and faith. He needed to be, as he led his men through events of such stress that they were to dominate the memories of the survivors for the next half-century.

After the war Honner had a distinguised career as a public servant and diplomat. He was also General-Secretary of the NSW Liberal Party. Peter Brune wrote:

"His political philosophy embodied the belief that courage, hope, fortitude and endurance are all nurtured by conviction. The strong and united community is supported by a continuity of a great tradition. He believed that it is not wealth and power and organisation that holds a society together but its Christian faith.

His Excellency Major General Michael Jeffery AO DSC MC, was invited to speak on the subject of leadership. He related his own experiences as a decorated Vietnam Veteran and related them to the values espoused by Ralph Honner.

Special guests for the evening include Captain Stan Bissett MC, one of the heroes of Kokoda and the oldest surviving Wallaby. Ovoru Indike, village chief and fuzzy wuzzy angel also came down from PNG for the function. More that 260 guests, most of them recent trekkers, attended the function.


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PNG Huli People in NSW Parliament

PNG Huli's Visit NSW Parliament

Stadium Australia hosted a Kokoda Memorial match on the 60th anniversary of the Battle of Isurava in August 2002. The PNG Tourism authority brought five teams of cultural dancers to Sydney to perform at the game between the Sydney Swans and Richmond Tigers. As part of their visit to Sydney The Hon Charlie Lynn MLC hosted a visit to the NSW Paraliament which was in session at the time. The Parliament had not seen a group of visitors quite like this before. The Huli's put on an impromptu dance performanc in the forecourt to the Parliament and brought the traffic in Macquarie Street to a standstill. They were asked by security to leave their spears at the door when they entered. It was quite a show.

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Ovoru Indiki - Village Chief and former Fuzzy Wuzzy Angel visits Sydney

Ovoru Indiki Chief Naduri Village at Opera HouseOvoru Indiki is the Chief of Naduri Village which is about halfway along the Kokoda Trail. He is reputedly 98 years of age however it is difficult to substantiate because of the lack of records in PNG at the time of his birth. Ovoru was appointed Village Constable under Australia's colonial regime until independence was granted to PNG in 1975.

When war came to PNG with the bombings of Port Moresby in 1942 Ovoru fled back to his village from the city. It was a long trek and he recalls that he was very frightened at the time because they didn't understand what it was all about. Some time later he was asked if he would help carry supplies forward for the Australian forces fighting on the Trail. He agreed to help and on the return journey he invariably came across wounded Australian's who could struggle no further. Ovoru and his friends would always stop and build a stretcher then carry the Digger back to the medics at Ower's Corner. It was a slow and tortuous journey and Ovoru is proud that he was able to help in this way.

He was awarded an Independence Day medal from the new PNG Government in 1975 but has never received one from the Australian government even though he saved many Australian lives. He feels very disappointed about this. Every trekker who meets him in his village shares this disappointment.

Ovoru, along with Australia's oldest Wallaby, Stan Bisset of the 2/14th Battalion, were guests of honour at the 2004 Ralph Honner Leadership Oration. The Governor-General, a former Commander of the Pacific Islands Regiment in Papua New Guinea was able to converse with Ovoru in Tok Pisin - a remarkable exchange that humbled the entire 260 guests.

But the piece de resistance for the evening was Stan Bisset, an accomplished baritone singer, came to the microphone and sang the Battalion song.

It was a night that will never be forgotten.

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Cathy Nitua recovers from hole-in-the-heart operation

Cathy Nitua Isurava Sep 04Cathy Nitua, the daughter of the Chief of Isurava village, Ivan Nitua, has suffered from a debilitating hole-in-the-heart condition since she was born 11 years ago.

Rotary International recently sponsored Cathy for her long awaited operation at Westmead Childrens Hospital. Her father Ivan was provided with financial assistance by The Kokoda Track Foundation to accompany her and to allow her to travel between her village at Isurava and Port Moresby for ongoing check-ups.

During our last visit Cathy was back at Isurava and, for the first time in her life, is able to join her friends in the village in play. Her family is very grateful for the life-saving support she has been provided by Rotary International, The Kokoda Track Foundation and the families who billeted them during their stay in Sydney.

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Ford Trimotor Aircraft Recovered from Lake Myola

Major Charlie Lynn on Ford Trimotor Aircraft at Lake Myola in 1979In 1979 Major Charlie Lynn (2nd from right on top of aircraft) was tasked to lead a rigging team to PNG to recover a World War 11 transport aircraft, a Ford Tri Motor from Lake Myola. The objective was to use a chinook helicopter to lift it back to Port Moresby for restortation. The aircraft had landed at Myola to deliver urgent supplies for our troops however it was unable to take off becuase of the marshy conditions on the lake bed. Because of the scarcity of transport aircraft during this critical phase of the operation no others were permitted to land. Supplies were then delivered by 'biscuit bombers' - Dakota's flying low over the area and throwing supplies out the door. This was new techniqe and took of the supplies were either damaged or lost.

When Charlie first trekked across the Trail in 1991 he inquired about the plane. The local landowner told him that 'long time ago mixmaster come from Jesus and took it away!'Charlie Lynn 1996 Ford Trimotor recovered from Lake Myola in 1979

Charlie has since located the plane at the back of the war museum in Port Moresby - no restoration work has been commenced in the 25 years it has been there. Maybe one day we can undertake a project to have it restored and relocated back to Myola.

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Adventure Kokoda is the company of choice for journalists seeking to report on the history of the Kokoda campaign and its relevance to trekkers today.

Articles published by Charlie Lynn over the past 20 years include:

. Kokoda: A Walk on the Wild Side - The Bulletin.
. Charlie Lynn on Kokoda - Runners World

. A Hard Slog to Kokoda - The Canberra Times
. Adventure Kokoda Leadership Program - Geo Magazine
. Kokoda: On the Beaten Track - The Northern Herald
. Kokoda Travels - Qantas Magazine
. Youth Leadership on Kokoda - Sunday Life Magazine
. Kokoda: Is the World's Meanest Tour Guide - The Sydney Morning Herald
. Sydney Swans Conquer Kokoda - Swans Magazine
. Kokoda: Australia's Alamo - Mens Health Magazine
. Commemorating Kokoda - South Pacific Magazine
. Kokoda: The New Campaign - The Australian Magazine
. Kokoda in Your 50's - Great Walks Magazine
. Corporate Leadership on Kokoda - BRW Magazine
. Stars Rise and Fall on Kokoda - The Australian
. Collette Mann on Kokoda - Impressions Magazine
. Kokoda Leadership for Defence Academy - Defence Magazine
. Kokoda Leadership for News Limited - News Australasain Journal
. McDonalds Corporate Trek on Kokoda - New Idea
. Sydney Swans Conquer Kokokda Again - Swans Magazine
. Womens Day Scoop Kokoda Pics - Womens Day Magazine
. Womens Weekly Kokoda Experience - Womens Weekly
. Melissa McEwan on Kokoda - Qantas Magazine

Adventure Kokoda Treks have featured on:

. Channel 9 - Getaway Program (October 13, 20 & 27, 2005)
. Channel 9 - The Angry Anderson Challenge
. Channel 10 - Father Chris Riley's Youth Off The Streets
. Channel 7 - Witness: Mud, Sweat and Tears
. Channel 7 - The Sydney Swans Kokoda Challenge
. Channel 7 - Camp Dare: On the Right Track

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