Adventure Kokoda

Why Adventure Kokoda?

5 Key Reasons to trek with Adventure Kokoda . . .

  1. Personal Safety
  2. Historical knowledge
  3. Original trail
  4. All inclusive prices - no 'hidden' extras'
  5. Best 'esprit de corps' within groups (click here to check our trekkers on Facebook).

Our Trek Leaders - the most professional on the trail . . .

Charlie Simon Chad

Charlie Lynn is the founder of Adventure Kokoda and a Director of Network Kokoda. Charlie is Vietnam Veteran and has been leading treks across the track for the past 22 years - he has made more than 65 crossings of the trail.

Charlie established Adventure Kokoda as a specialist Kokodas trekking company in 1991 - his trek leaders are specially selected for their leadership skills, their knowledge of the Kokoda campaign and their empathy with the Koiari and Orokaiva people who live along the trail.

Simon Hart had a distinguished Naval career which included command of two frontline battle-ships - HMAS Hobart and HMAS Brisbane. He left the Navy with the rank of Commodore after a stint at higher headquarters in Canberra. He couldn't stand the bullshit!

Simon now runs beef cattle on his South Coast property and is an expert bushman. He is also an expert in our wartime history and is demand for leadership programs.

Chad Sherrin is a Vietnam war hero who was awarded a Military Medal forhis leadership in combat during the war. After his service in Vietnamhe was posted to the Army Jungle Training School at Canungra where he was an expert instructor.

Chad is an expert on weapons and ammunition used by both the Australian and Japanese forces.
He has led more than 40 expeditons across the trail and is acknowledged as the expert in the Infantry tactics of the Kokoda campaign.

Bernie Adventure Kokoda Rowan Tracey Adventure Kokoda John Nalder

Bernie Rowell has completed more than 30 crossings of the Kokoda Trail - firstly as a trekker, then as Deputy Trek Leader to Charlie Lynn, Chad Sherrin and Simon Hart.

Bernie is passionate about the Kokoda campaign and the culture of the Koiari and Orokaiva people who live along it.

He has established a Kokoda Education Fund to sponsor young Australians from Gipplsand across the Kokdoa Trail each year. He is one of the most popular leaders on the trail because of his generosity towards veterans and local villagers.

Rowan Tracey is acknowledged as the most authorative military historian on the Kokoda campaign.

Rowan had a distinguished military career which included service with the Papua New Guinea army. He is fluent in the local language 'tok pisin'.
He first trekked Kokoda more than 30 years ago and was recently invited as guest speaker at an international conferece hosted by the Australian War Memorial.


John Nalder - a great bushman who used to work for Aussie icon, Steve Irwin. John is an Emergency Services trainer with extensive experience in remote area 1st Aid. He has a passionate interest in the history of the campaign and a detailed knowledge of each battle site. John recently featured on a television documentary with the ABC Compass Program when he led a group of disadvantaged young people across the track as part of the Adventure Kokoda Youth Leadership Challenge.


Adventure Kokoda Dave Sherry Adventure Kokoda Peter Davis Adventure Kokoda Peter Morrison

Dave Sherry first trekked with Adventure Kokoda in 2005 - then in 2006 - and again in 2007. During these treks he studied the Kokoda campaign in great detail and sought out veterans from his community to share their stories.

We then invited Dave to join our team. He took on the role of deputy trek leader for a number of treks led by Charlie Lynn, Chad Sherrin and Simon Hart.

Dave has emerged as a natural leader – a quiet achiever with outstanding bush skills, great physical strength and a detailed knowledge of the Kokoda campaign. More importantly, he has earned the respect of our Koiari and Orokaiva leaders and guides because of his natural interest in their culture, their welfare and their development.


Peter Davis has been trekking Kokoda for more than 10 years.

He is currently studying for a PhD in Military History with the Australian Defence Force Academy.

Peter also accompanies the Army History Unit to Papua New Guinea to investigate issues of interest regarding the campaigns in New Guinea during WW2.

Peter has recently climbed Mt Victoria and explored the area to the west of the Kokoda Trail.

He is a committed Rotarian and has worked throughout PNG on village aid projects.


Peter Morrison is an unassuming young Australian. He first trekked with Adventure Kokoda five years ago and developed a strong desire to learn more about the campaign and the people he met along the track.

Unbeknown to us he is was an accomplished boxer and recently turned professional. He is the current NSW Welterweight Champion. Peter wears his Kokoda gear into the ring before each fight as a reminder of the ability of the human spirit to conquer adversity.

Peter has been an enthusiastic student of the Kokoda campaign and had received some outstanding accolades for his trek leaderhsip.


Our trekkers - the happiest on the trail . . .

Caroline Pemberton (former Miss World Australia); Kerry Chikarovski, Dermot Brereton, Angry Anderson, Adam Goodes, Daryl Braithwaite, Peter Fitzsimons, Jason Clare, Scott Morrison, Collette Mann, Barry O'Farrell and more than 4,000 dinkum Australians . . .

Adventure Kokoda Adventure Kokoda
Adventure Kokoda Adventure Kokoda
Adventure Kokoda Adventure Kokoda
Adventure Kokoda Adventure Kokoda
Adventure Kokoda Adventure Kokoda
Adventure Kokoda Adventure Kokoda
Adventure Kokoda Adventure Kokoda
Adventure Kokoda Adventure Kokoda
Adventure Kokoda Adventure Kokoda
Adventure Kokoda Adventure Kokoda

Why Adventure Kokoda . . . best answered by one of our female trekkers . . .

'It started with our usual Saturday morning sojournCathy Weeks at Efogi Village to Chelsea. This time however, as we walked passed an empty shop, we noticed that Personal Gym Trainers were moving in. Sparking our interest, we read their information on the window. Among their list of achievements and goals was the statement “Training for the Kokoda Trail”. After reading this, Martin turned to me and said “you could do that”, and my reply was “I would love to”! Well then”, he said, “you better make enquiries”. My incredulous “are you serious” was greeted by “of course”.

'And so my 15 week journey began. “Kokoda”, Googled on the internet brings up a myriad of sites and links, but it didn’t take me long to locate “Adventure Kokoda”, and to decide that they were the people that I would travel with.

' My first reason was because of the Historical content of the trek,
- we would be following “In the footsteps of the brave”, retracing the battle of retreat, and the various battle stands and abandond armaments etc.

' Secondly, the strong emphasis on safety
(which was paramount to Martin), was not based just on what Adventure Kokoda offered, but made you well aware that whoever you trekked with – there was certain criteria and procedures that were essential.

' And lastly (this appealed to me most), was the financial and practical support that Adventure Kokoda gave to the different villages that we would be passing through .
. . click here to read of her remarkable journey.

Our commitment to Kokoda . . .

Our trek leaders have no equal on the Kokoda Trail - they are wartime historians and experienced expedition leaders - their job is to get you safely across the Kokoda Trail and provide you with a historical and cultural experience you will never forget. There is a touch of the digger larrikin in all of them so we tend to have a lot of fun in the course of our 'adversity' along the trail.

Your personal safety is paramount. We therefore have a 24-hour rear link to Port Moresby by satellite phone and VHF radio in case you need help. We are experienced in remote area first aid. We carry a comprehensive 1st Aid Kit and we have mapped every helipad along the entire Kokoda Trail.

We have been the leading advocate for Kokoda for the past 22 years - well before the trek was 'discovered'. While others talk about veterans they have read about - we actually met with them while they were still alive - and had extensive dialogue with them. This included - Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Honner MC, Lietenant Colonel Phil Rhoden OBE, Sergeant Lindsay Bear DCM MM, Charlie Butler, Albert Moore and Rapheal Oembari (the famous fuzzy wuzzy angel) to name a few. This was a decade before the goldrush of trek operators arrived after the 60th anniversary of the Kokoda campaign in 2002.

We honour their legacy by walking in their footsteps, by telling their stories and by providing philanthropic support to the descendants of the local villagers - descendants of the legendary 'fuzzy-wuzzy angels' - click here to see our Network Kokoda.

Testimonials from our trekkers . . .

From Derek Cameron . . .
' Charlie, it ain’t broke, so for God’s sake don’t try to fix it! Though I found the trek very taxing (‘cause nothing can prepare you for New Guinea but New Guinea) it was an awesome experience and is only becoming more so as I reflect more deeply on it. The history was all that I had hoped and much more, largely due to Chad’s expertise. The villagers and porters were great people to meet, friendly, helpful, polite and considerate, perfectly illustrating the contrast of their culture with our materialistic, individualistic and competitive lifestyle. I couldn’t help reflecting, during the superb “sing sing” at Kagi, how unlikely it would be for my contemporaries in suburban Brisbane to copy such behaviour. But perhaps the best part of the trip was how 29 Aussies – young or old, male or female, canetoads or cockroaches, miners or surgeons – when yanked out of their comfort zone (big time!) bonded together to make a great team. There was not one harsh word – rather, nothing but support and encouragement when someone was doing it tough, which was everyone at some stage. I think it gave us a small glimpse of how those wonderful young blokes in 1942 managed to do what they did. I always admired them – now I think of them as superhuman. I will do all in my power as a teacher of young blokes to let them know the sort of men their grandfathers were, and what they did at a critical time in our history. Thank you for providing me with a chance to share in the Spirit of Kokoda.
Lukim yu,

From Tom Misden . . .

“Dear Charlie,
“The main reasons for writing are firstly to compliment our leaders, John and Peter. Their leadership, management and absolute passion for the trail, the people and the history were simply outstanding. John's passion and his commitment to helping us share so much of Kokoda without doubt made our experience so much more valuable. And he seemed to have private time for everybody, an amazing man. And the emotion that surfaced because of John's delivery caught us by surprise, such was his passion for 'Kokoda'. Peter, although relatively 'new' also displays the great affection and relationship with the people, particularly the young, and commitment to the diggers. No doubt he is a great developing asset for Adventure Kokoda, in the mould of John.

“Secondly, now having compared notes with other trekkers, individually or with other companies, it is clear to us that Adventure Kokoda are very professional in all aspects leading up to the trek and then, critically, every aspect on the track is planned and managed. You and your whole organisation deserve every credit for what you do for trekkers, villages, schools and for the memory of our brave young Aussies who 'created' Kokoda. We have only just begun to live the spirit, thanks to Adventure Kokoda that will only grow.”

From Neil Williams, Journalist . . .


‘Thank you for your encouragement and tolerance in helping me know the Australian soul.’

From Peter Hugget . . .

‘I want to let you know how much I enjoyed the chance to walk the Kokoda Track last week. It was a multi-layered experience which proved to be much deeper and significant than I had imagined.

‘Its not often one gets the opportunity to take part in a tough physical trek through beautiful unspoiled jungle with a great bunch of fellow travellers, led by an exceptional group of porters, through villages of people with wonderful generosity, all set in a background of significant Australian military history. You’ve wrapped up a very impressive package!’

‘Your passion for Kokoda is infectious. Thanks again for letting us share it.’

From Melissa McKewan . . .

'Overall the trek is one of the most fulfilling journeys I have ever completed in my life. I went with no real expectations of the level of difficulty of the trek, the amount of history to be absorbed, the beauty of the country and the culture and the amazing fellow trekkers and trek leaders that I would meet. I would highly recommend the trek and trek company to anyone who is interested. I loved every single minute, including being bogged and the delays at the end of the trip which strangely seemed to enhance the experience. There were moments along the trek when I have never been happier- I feel like my soul has grown! Thank you sincerely for such a complete experience. Charlie you’re just wonderful! All the very best x'

From Ben Crockett . . .

'Chad was fantastic!! Obviously knows his stuff, set a great fun atmosphere, I can’t get out of bed now without someone yelling, “good morning trekkers” loved his poetry – very moving.
I had a fabulous time, something I will never forget, and despite a right big toe that is still numb I have no other issues. The company was great, the atmosphere was superb, and the challenge was so worth the rewards at the end. Thank you for a fabulous time – an experience I will never forget!!!'

From Chris Moroney . . .

'Chad and Simon are a credit to your company.

'Their professionalism, positive attitude and good sense of humour ensured a very memorable trek. Chad’s poetry deserves a special mention as it added to the moment after the battlesite briefings and at the Isurava dawn service.

From Christine Hay . . .
' An inspirational, confronting and incredibly rewarding adventure. I am extremely grateful of being able to complete it, and I believe a much better person for having done so. My friends and family say I am radiating an inner glow they haven’t seen before!

'P'eter Davis was passionate about the track and the villages and provided interesting and informative commentary throughout the trek. He was also excellent at keeping the group relatively together (not too much distance between front and back).

From Beverley Partridge . . .

‘I’d like to congratulate you on the way you conducted the trek along the Kokoda Track in April this year. Fourteen trekkers from the broadest spectrum of life obviously have different attitudes, but you directed the focus to a concentrated point and this group united and performed as one – with determination and humour – to conquer the Kokoda Track.’

From Helen Dauncey . .

‘Once again I feel great after 10 days of privation and hardships under your inspiring command. I am quite serious – I do feel renewed and with a few more obstacles that existed in my mind only, conquered….. I just wanted to say thanks.’

From Mark Gray . . .

‘Firstly, congratulations on your planning and management. To go through the week with no hitches – or seemingly so, particularly with ease at the bureaucratic points – Moresby Airport – was a pleasure….. It was a privilege to undertake the trek with such a group and whilst high objectives were set, Paul (Croll), the porters and yourself were able to elevate the energy and emotion to new levels…The war cemetery and the dinner in Moresby were special occasions and a fitting finale. Also breakfast the following day at the High Commissioner’s residence was superb…I believe I am a stronger and better person for having done the track.

From Michael Palm . . .

'A very well organized trek by Adventure Kokoda. The knowledge of WW2, enthusiasm and humour made this trek most memorable for my son, Max and I. The organisation of transport, porters, meals, campsites and everything was above what I expected. A number of other trek groups were amazed at what we had and the history we learned along the way from Chad and Bernie. They were all very jealous as their treks seemed to be to get from A to B as quick as possible. Since being home, we miss the track, people, country and quietness of our experience. A very significant 10 days of my life.' '

From Peter Bennett . . .

'Dear Chad and Bernie,

'I would like to thank you again for making my experience of the Kokoda Track extra special. The planning and preparation that Adventure Kokoda assiduously ensures was evident throughout; however I know from years in business, that without talented execution, plans and preparation can and do go awry. Although I had not thought too much of its importance prior to the trek, I soon realised how lucky we were to have leaders with significant military experience and knowledge. You were able to take us to places others would not see and to convey an authoritative insight into each of the battles so that a real appreciation (for a non military person) was gained of how the campaign unfolded and why. My highlight was the dawn service at Isurava. It was such a moving experience and will stay with me forever.

'When I returned I sent an email with an Adventure Kokoda testimonial to a mate in Melbourne I have known since University. I had been talking with him earlier in the year at mutual friends 60th birthday. He had an interest in doing the Track as he had family who had fought in the campaign. Frankly I had forgotten the details. In his return email he told me his mother’s cousin was Claude Nye. A shiver ran up my spine as I read. Bernie you gave me a poppy to put on his grave. I had taken a photo of the headstone and was able to send it to him.

Once again thank you for a most unique, wonderful and moving experience.''