Adventure Kokoda

Trek Clothing

The weather is hot and humid during the day, however you will spend most of the time under jungle canopy. Swans on KokodaThe nights can be quite cold.

You should wear a long sleeve shirt and long pants for proper protection from both the elements, mosquitos' and bugs. Other essential items to wear whilst trekking include a sweat rag, a hat/peak cap, thick socks and good quality walking boots. For protection against chafing it is a good idea to wear a pair of lycra gym shorts as underwear.

Each night you will camp near a creek with plenty of fast flowing, crystal clear mountain water. You will therefore always have the opportunity to have a good refreshing bath. After this you will want to change into a spare set of dry clothing and your joggers.

Women should bring a sarong to wear while bathing.

Because it rains on a regular basis it is a good idea to have a waterproof poncho or rain jacket. It is a good idea to wrap your spare clothing within waterproof dry sacks, and then store these within a plastic camping bag.

This will ensure you always have something dry to put on each evening.

We provide a detailed recommended clothing list after we receive your booking but as a guide you need to budget for:

  • One rimmed hat or peak cap
  • One waterproof jacket or poncho
  • Two lightweight long sleeve shirts (anti-malarial protection in mornings and evenings)
  • Two lightweight pair of long pants with zip-off legs
  • Cut-off bicycle gloves
  • One pair of lightweight long thermal underwear
  • Three pair of socks - recommend coolmax type
  • Two sets of underwear
  • One pair of trekking boots (lightweight)
  • One pair of joggers/sandals/booties (for the end of the day)
  • One sweat rag
  • One towel (the pack towels like a big wettex cloth you can purchase from camping/disposal stores are excellent.)
  • One pair of lycra gym shorts (prevents chafing)
  • One Sarong (for women)