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Food & Nutrition

Our Catering Team

Our meals are a highlight of our treks and the envy of all who witness our mealtimes.

We engage a specialist trek catering team to prepare, cook and serve all your meals during our treks.

All food for our treks is purchased directly from local supermarkets in Port Moresby.

We don't do ration packs - life's too short!

All food is purchased from supermarkets in Port Moresby, organised and packed into daily meal lots Adventure Kokoda andcarried by our catering team. We supplement this with additional servings of fresh vegetables and tropical fruits from village gardens.

Our breakfast menu comprises muesli, weet-bix, porridge, milk, fruit salad, vita-wheat biscuits with butter, jam, vegemite and peanut butter, hot milo, tea and coffee.

We provide morning tea each day comprises hot milo, tea, coffee and sweet biscuits.

For lunch we have pasta, lebansese bread, tinned tuna, luncheon meat, beans, cheese, sweet and dry biscuits Adventure Kokoda Catering opn the Trackoften supplemented with fresh tropical fruits, butter, jam and vegemite, hot milo, tea and coffee..

Dinner is the highlight of each trekking day. We start with hot vegetable soup, a main course comprising meat and vegetables, rice, potato, pasta, peas and beans, corn, sweet biscuits, hot milo, tea and coffee.

Special Dietary Requirements

We can cater for individual special dietary requirements provided we are advised in advance to allow us to obtain the food and advise our trek cateringAdventure Kokoda team.

Village Food

There is an abundance of fresh tropical fruit in villages along the way - passionfuit do die for, sweet bananas, papaya, melons, watermelon, mandarins, etc.

Villagers will often bring offerings of a selection of these fruits to trekkers as they pass through. It is custom to ask how much they charge for them and ensuring you pay them in full.

Trek Snacks

We recommend you prepare a daily snack pa'ck to nibble on during the day. A suggested list would include Adventure Kokodasome small packets of fruit/nut mixes/sultanas, biscuits, glucose lollies, chocolate bars, jelly beans, etc. Keep your snack-pack as light as possible (around 150 grams per day) as you will be required to carry them - unless you employ a personal carrier who will carry them for you. Make a separate snack-pack up for each day and clearly mark your bag with your name. You will carry four days with you and the remaining snack pack will be sent to Efogi village - about half-way along the track. You will therefore need to pack these in a separate bag and mark it clearly with your name. Deliver it to your trek leader in the hotel lobby prior to your departure (you could include a treat in this bag - perhaps a large tin of chocolate, self-saucing pudding with a tube of condensed milk for example - as a reward when you reach the half-way point).

Special Note

We don't cut corners with our catering during our treks. We find that when trekkers arrive at their campsite each night they want to organise their tent; have a good wash in the local stream; then relax around the campfire until our Boss Cook invites them to the table for dinner to be served by our catering team. The cameraderie around the dinner table each night is a highlight of our treks.

We don't seek to cut costs by asking our trekkers to assist in food preparation, serving or washing up.

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