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Premium Campaign Treks

Kokoda Premium Campaign Treks with expert Kokoda Historian: 10 days from $4595 . . .

Our Premium Campaign Treks include visits to all battlefields, fire support bases, logistic areas and evacuation centres along the original Kokoda Trail. We provide superior battlefield presentations regarding the strategy of the Kokoda campaign; the phases of war; the principles applicable to each phase; our battlefield tactics; and soldiers recollections.

Our 10-day wartime trail is obviously more of a challenge than the more popular eco-track but it is important to us because of our focus on the historical significance of the Kokoda campaign.

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Adventure Kokoda

Adventure Kokoda has operated in Papua New Guinea for the past 21 years. In that time the company has organised and led more than 400 expeditions safely across the Kokoda Trail.

The founder of the company, former army major, Charlie Lynn, is aleading advocate of Kokoda. He has studied the campaign in great detail, interviewed many Kokoda veterans, written numerous papers on issues surrounding Kokoda, conducted more than a dozen mapping operations across the trail and re-discovered all of the lost battlefields of the Kokoda campaign.

Charlie has carefully selected trek leaders who have a detailed knowledge of the Kokoda campaign, are experienced in expedition leadership, qualified in first aid and highly competent in the management of emergency procedures.

The historical aspects of the Kokoda campaign cannot be gleaned from a book - or from somebody who has read a book. It comes from a deep understanding of the strategies that forced Japan to establish a 'co-prosperity sphere' in Asia and the Pacific and the reasons Australia was so unprepared for the threat. An understanding of jungle warfare and the principles of each phase - the advance, the attack, the defence and the withdrawal are vital to an understanding of the historical aspects of the Kokoda campaign.

A feature of our treks is the dialogue between our trek leaders and trekkers on any aspect of the Kokoda campaign, the cultural history of the Koiari and Orokaiva villagers along the trail and our appreciation of the extraordinary environment across the Owen Stanley Ranges.

Your safety along the Kokoda Trail

While it is not possible to eliminate risk from trekking across the Kokoda Trail a professional trek operator will conduct a detailed risk assessment of the operation to ensure they have plans that will minimise the risks involved. A recent article in the Sydney Morning Herald and Melbourne Age contains important information regarding the risks involved in trekking with 'dodgy' trek operators.

'The following two expamples highlight the risk of trekking with 'dodgy' trek operators:

1. We were asked to assist a young woman who suffered an asthma attack on the southern side of the Maguli Range. The trek operator had sent a runner to us as they did not have a satellite phone, a VHF radio, a medical kit or anybody trained in First Aid . We sent a message through to our real link in Port Moresby but could do little else as they did not advise us of her exact location or her travel insurance details which are essential for emergency medical evacuation in Papua New Guinea. The woman, a young mother of two, died before help could be arranged.

2. In July 2009 Chad Sherrin, and Adventure Kokoda trek leader, came across a trekker who had been left behind in a village until somebody could provide assistance to them. Chad's Trek Report contained the following statement:

' A trekker from a self-guided group had been left at Ofi Creek with a sprained ankle by his mates. His leg was strapped, he was given pain killers and we evacuated him with us. You wonder where these fools get off; they had no guide, no radio, no sat phone and only the most rudimentary first aid equipment'.

Trekkers who 'trek cheap' in groups without experienced Australian guides are maximising, rather than minimising, risk.


Our Trek Logistics in Papua New Guinea

Adventure Kokoda is based at the Sogeri Lodge about half-way between Port Moresby and the start of the Kokoda Trail at Owers Corner. Our trek logistics are organised by Sogeri Enterprises (PNG) which is run by Warren Bartlett who has worked in PNG for more than 40 years. Warren is the founding CEO of the Kokoda Track Authority in PNG and has a detailed knowledge of our trek operations. Sogeri Lodge has a base station which has land and mobile telephone communications, satellite phones, VHF radio and emergency back-up power. The communications centre is manned on a 24 hour basis when our trek groups are on the trail.

Our PNG trek guides and personal carriers are provided by Kokoda Experience - a local PNG company owmed by Alex Rama. Alex has been working with Charlie Lynn for 19 years and is the most experienced PNG trek guide in PNG. Alex is a Koiari leader from Naduri village on the Kokoda Trail.

Size of Adventure Kokoda Trek Groups

The average size of our four Anzac treks in 2012 was 12 trekkers. As a rule the group sizes are larger during school holiday and special commemorative periods.

Charlie Lynn - Advocate of Kokoda

Over the past 20 years Charlie Lynn has published numerous papers on the significance of the Kokoda Trail. He established a Foundation to develop Strategic Plan for Kokoda; has successfully lobbied for a service medal to be issued to the PNG Wartime Carriers; presented a submission to the Australian Senate for PNG to have access to our seasonal markets; led the fight against the proposal to mine Kokoda;successfully lobbied the PNG Government to proclaim 'Kokoda Day'and continues to advocate for the preservation of our military heritage.

A selection of Charlie's papers and submissions include:



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